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rodeoneerer Nov 16
Detroit: Become Human’s creator, Quantic Dream, has finally achieved what it has been threatening to do for decades - it’s made an interactive story capable of provoking genuine, honest, and varied emotions from its players, without most of the cheap tricks and emotionally manipulative moments we’ve seen in past games. It’s a neat parallel for the characters on which the game is based; an achievement that feels far greater and more meaningful than the sum of its parts.

Detroit: Become Human is a thought experiment, a virtual imagination of a world where this has occurred already. And just as we hinted at earlier, there are gray moral areas to progress. Having androids to take over undesirable or dangerous work sounds great but in reality, it also means increased unemployment and social tensions. Having an android at home who does the chores is a lifesaver for working couples but should it intervene with domestic abuse?

The story of Detroit is the focus but there is plenty of interaction and player choice plays a key part in how the narrative of Become Human unfolds. The game features several drastically different endings depending on what the player decides, ranging from potentially heartbreaking to an illogically happy ending for all parties involved.

Detroit is filled with these small moments, which potentially have huge consequences. But where the game truly excels is in how is makes you feel about these choices - you’re not just pressing Square instead of Triangle because you’re curious, because the game tells you to, or you think you should… you’re doing it because you believe in the actions you’re taking. You take the stories to heart, own the characters, and want them to play out the narrative in your own way. The threat of losing control of (or even the life of) your favourite characters is way more important here than getting a virtual pat on the back for doing everything ‘right’ or for seeing how far you can push the game by being ‘bad’. Sure, there are some obvious ‘saint’ and ‘sinner’ moments, but the majority exist in uncertainty and a moral grey area that feels perfectly reflective of the weighty themes this game is trying to tackle.

The exceptional camera work and animation made me feel like I was playing a movie at times. But a constant change of camera perspectives from behind-the-shoulders to fixed-angles left to seemingly aimless wandering at many a situation. An unfortunate aspect that thankfully doesn’t end up souring an otherwise exceptional adventure. For more details about the story and gameplay, I’m going to point you towards our original PlayStation 4 review of the game while I’ll go deeper into the PC port now.

Ultimately, Detroit: Become Human is an uneven game. Some of the dialogue is fantastically written while it struggles with the greater plot at hand. It isn't Quantic Dream's best work, but it does show some of their best potential within what is overall a disappointment. Hopefully next time they'll capitalize on all of their talents since they clearly have the skill to do something special within the gaming medium, but this clearly isn't it.

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