Terms and Conditions of website, hereinafter referred to as service:
1.This Regulations have been drawn up in accordance with applicable on the date of the preparation of the rules of the European Union, subject to its regulation of the conditions of use and operation of the site. Regulations set out the rights and obligations of registered website users, as well as the rights, duties and responsibilities of the Administrator as manager and operator service. Each potential user of the moment registration is required to read the Regulations and may take further action following approval and acceptance of all its provisions.
2.User undertakes that during the registration and use of the service will comply with applicable laws.
3 The registration form must be given real personal information. If the data is incorrect, the account may be deleted at any time.
4 To participate in the site is to provide real and existing e-mail address. Accounts of given fictitious e-mail addresses will be removed from the program.
5.In case minors requirement for membership is a no-objection of parents or legal guardians.
6 Once you have registered you represent and warrant that you have read and accepted the above Terms and Conditions and it is thus an integral part of the contract for the provision of services by the Service.
7.Regulamin to all users (including both subscribers and non-registered users) are also those who use the service outside the Polish.
8.User under no circumstances have the right to share your login and password to other people or use one account with other people.
9 The participant solely responsible for any consequences of acts done by logging on to his account, even if these activities were carried out by unauthorized persons.
10 Administration of your personal data is voluntary and at any time can be changed by logging in to the site.
11 The user may at any time opt out of participation in the program, which is equivalent to removing all the data from our program. Administrator has no obligation to delete accounts for users who want to opt out of participation in the program. Anyone who wants to delete your account, you should do it yourself.
12 The use of spam at advertising other sites and web pages (like. Sending messages, placing your link in places not intended for or encouraging recording using instant messaging) is strictly prohibited. 13 The administration has the right to suspend the user account that uses spam to advertise other sites and pages. 14 You will ensure that there will be placed in the service of photos, text, software or other material protected by copyright or under other legal protection, unless owns the copyright to, or consent to their dissemination.
15 It is forbidden pictures not showing your people, images downloaded from the Internet, etc.., And specifically prohibited from posting photos containing contact information or advertising other portal. Such behavior will be treated as a special form of fraud.
16 In the case of placing pornography / erotica strong on the portal, you acknowledge that the Service will notify the relevant authorities forced to watch pornography in accordance with Art.202 1 KK.
17 unacceptable and prohibited to publish material that would violate applicable law - unlicensed software in particular software that helps or promotes phreaking, hacking, IP parody, materials promoting discrimination or animosity with respect to any person.
18 The Service reserves the right not to write off and provision of information / help a person behaving in a vulgar way. This behavior can lead to occlusion followed by deletion of the account on the portal.
19 The Service reserves the right to review and delete content, photos, profiles, subscribers do not comply with these rules or violate law, violate the rights of third parties or which may pose a risk to other subscribers and non-members. Administrator can remove all data published by users of the service for any reason.
20 Service does not resolve disputes between members and subscribers. Any disagreements between users solve them yourself.
21 user of the website agrees to use the service cookies.
22 The Service reserves the unlimited right to dispose of any of the content published by users.
23 By placing material on this site the user acknowledges that he enjoys both personal and property rights to the material placed. If the material will have legal defects, in connection with which there is a third party claims (in particular prawnoautorskimi) in relation to the service, or other entities that acquire the rights to the material from the site, you will be responsible for the terms of service incurred by him harm. final Provisions
24 Users are required to be at least 13 years old and have permission from their parents to join / use the service.
Service reserves the right to unilaterally alter the terms of the Rules at any time and without the necessity of justifying